Out And About: The Temper Trap
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 07, 2012

    • Posted by: Kara Parker

    If you're looking for an impressive live rock show, look no further than The Temper Trap.. In promotion of their recently released self-titled album, the Australian band brought an extremely well-rounded show to Terminal 5 earlier this week. With a perfect blend of new and old, the band's set is sure to satisfy. Singer Dougy Mandagi is everything a frontman should be...hard to believe his unique tone would transfer so flawlessly to a live show. Performing with multiple instruments and always moving, his voice was full and engaging. You could tell that he was feeding off the audiences' enthusiasm, determined to single handedly match their energy.

    The rest of the band was pretty loud for their part (a nice quality for any rock band), yet also crisp and precise so as to never feel blown out or sloppy. Bassist Jonathon Aherne (my personal favorite) was a bit of an animal on stage. Not only did his spastic head bopping cost him his hat (it flew off about halfway through the set), his uncontrollable animation ruptured his guitar strap during "Drum Song". Disaster averted though. Like any pro he held on tight and kept forging ahead without missing a beat. Good thing too. The purely instrumental track was truly remarkable and worth the price of admission alone. Lasting about five minutes and set to a colorful, seizure inducing light show, the song served as the perfect cap to the band's set list. New single "Trembling Hands" was a surprise as well. Mandagi's voice soared throughout the theater creating an emotional, musical atmosphere. All in all, this was the kind of performance that would leave just about anyone impressed. If the band's tour comes to a city near you, I'd strongly suggest treating yourself to an amazing show.

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