• THURSDAY, JUNE 07, 2012

    • Posted by: Kara Parker

    Bringing one of the most dynamically unique sounds to the Summer, Brooklyn based Friends is a must for any playlist. At times, Manifest! delivers a sound that seems light and bubbly, but at others they emphasize mind-bending synths wrapped up by funkadelic bass riffs. Nothing about this band is predictable and there lies their appeal. While at times, their variety prevents their album from feeling grounded, when it works, they strike gold. The quintet brings a very impressive grasp of self awareness that's uncommon for many debut albums.

    The opening track, "Friend Crush" sets the stage perfectly for the rest of the album. The initial 50's style drums and melody is interrupted by descending synth riffs before the song takes a turn to a rolling bass line and smoother vocal melodies. The track is catchy but original, unique but obtainable, poppy but not annoying. To sum it up; it's just a great indie, Summer jam.

    Other notable tracks include "Home," "Ideas On Ghosts," "I'm His Girl," and the album's final track and recent single, "Mind Control." "Mind Control" sounds like an 80's dance hit with a heavy bongo melody and airy vocals... that is until the chorus hits. When singing the lyrics '"It's all ours" lead singer, Samantha Urbani mixes anti-toned chants with ascending, controlled shrieks. The bridge brings another chapter to the songs multi-layered appeal creating a dynamically enjoyable track the cap off a well rounded album. Check out the secret-agent themed video below!

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