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    • TUESDAY, JUNE 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Olivia Muenz

    After waiting over two years since his last EP release in February of 2009, Beirut released their new single "East Harlem," available now on vinyl with the b-side Goshen. The track was originally written for the ukulele when Zach Condon was only 17, evidenced by its long standing existence in the live set (including during our own Beirut shoot. Beirut intends to release the new album later this summer, but check out the new track right now.

    UPDATE: The album will be called The Rip Tide.
    01. "A Candle's Fire"
    02. "Santa Fe"
    03. "East Harlem"
    04. "Goshen"
    05. "Payne's Bay"
    06. "The Rip Tide"
    07. "Vagabond"
    08. "The Peacock"
    09. "Port of Call"

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    Concert Video: Beirut at Music Hall Of Williamsburg

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