Album Review: My Morning Jacket
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Bands that exist over extended periods of time often fluctuate their sound as the years pass. Most frequently, these are the bands that progress through multiple decades within the industry. For example, David Bowie has adjusted his makeup application quite a few times since 1967, but this should be expected from a lengthy, 40-year tenure. One of today's most excitable performers, My Morning Jacket, has habitually modified their sound throughout a meager, 12-year existence (only small in comparison to their spaced out predecessor). While their image may have undergone a shocking hair/beard shape-up here and there, their sonic output has experienced the greatest shifts. Their debut LP, The Tennessee Fire (1999), provided Jim James and company with the feel of a contemporary Neil Young. Their Southern-pastoral sentiment has since been renovated into forms of funk, psychedelia, and experimental rock. My Morning Jacket's continual alterations have given them an undeniably polarized fan-base. And their latest, Circuital, proves to be their first full-length that will charm their entire, diverse family of admirers.

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