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    • MONDAY, JUNE 07, 2010

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    MTV and their movie awards dropped enough F-bombs to demolish a countries worth of Catholic churches, one of our favorite rap acts made an audible blip on the radar, Rush Limbaugh had a surprising musical performer for his wedding, there are TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS ISLAND, oh, and that Daft Punk/Star Wars thing everyone is yapping about.

    1. The MTV Movie Awards.

    So many cursings!

    Aside from the gratuitous language and guest stars, like, really ridiculous, including several botched censors and a ridiculous musical performances from Tom Cruise as Les Grossman, the MTV movie awards broke the ugh-dometer. Host Aziz Ansari almost saved the night with his hilarity, but in all sincerity, he didn't, so f-ck it.

    2. The Cool Kids released a free mixtape.

    Download Tacklebox from the Cool Kid's website.

    3. Elton John played Rush Limbaugh's wedding.

    Obviously when an inflammatory, not to mention homophobic, right-wing pundit gets married for the fourth time, the only thing more ironic than his grasp on the sanctity of marriage (so very important to his conservative followers) is his choice of musical performer: Elton John. Tough to write a better joke, unless it involves Bill Heder as Stefon talking about club promoter Rush Limbaugh...[The Daily Swarm.]

    4. Yeasayer played a free Governors Island show, and no one could get in.

    If you are like me, you live in New York City and love Yeasayer. Also if you are like me, you did not make it to the ferry in time to actually get to the free show they played on Governor's Island on Saturday night. Ferry service was shut down due to island capacity. Did anyone actually get in? Tell us about it!

    5. Daft Punk helps make a Star Wars viral ad for Adidas.

    It speaks for its awesome self.

    BONUS: The Internet asks... Was Barrack Obama in this 1983 Tag Team music video for "Whoomp (There it is)"?

    "The guy at 1:01 wearing shades and a Compton hat really does resemble Barack Obama..."

    Bonus answer: No. [Gawker]

    -joe puglisi

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