album review: blitzen trapper
    • MONDAY, JUNE 07, 2010

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    Blitzen Trapper's Furr, was the most grievously under-appreciated album of 2008. More joy per square inch than anything released that year, save the Fleet Foxes debut, this Oregon band dipped liberally into rock history, (Bolan, Bowie, Dylan) without ever sounding like anything other than themselves. With songs like the achingly beautiful "Not Your Lover," the spooky travelogue "Black River Killer" and the title track which describes the transformative power of love and the simultaneous unavoidable longing for freedom, (What, you really thought it was about werewolves?) Eric Earley showed gifts as a writer that surprised at every turn.

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    MP3: "Heaven and Earth" (Destroyer Of The Void)
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