NOW PLAYING:  Sophie Simmons' Angelically Dark NEXT Session
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 06, 2018

    • Posted by: Adrianne Torea

    The multi-dimensional and multi-talented Sophie Simmons blessed Baeble HQ with three angelically dark singles.

    The multi-dimensional and multi-talented Sophie Simmons is far more than the daughter of rock royalty. "First and foremost I'm a musical artist," she shared, but second, third, and fourth she's a philanthropist, actress, and model. The 25-year old Los Angeles native recently blessed Baeble Music HQ with three angelically dark singles, beginning with "Black Mirror", which she confirmed is indeed inspired by the show that terrifies us all about the future of technology. After performing the song, Simmons dished her thoughts on the show and why she decided to musically illustrate society's bad romance with social media and technology. In case you missed the "Black Mirror" craze, Simmons reminds us, "The title ‘Black Mirror' is when your screen is off and it's just black, and you can see your reflection in it." Simmons follows "Black Mirror" with "If I could" and concludes the session with "Red Eye," both of which ooze with love and heartbreak.

    In addition to music, Simmons touched on some of her other work in the realm of philanthropy. "My parents really inspired me to do or at least try everything that I could, they didn't want to limit my brother and I to just doing one thing so they were adamant that we try everything that we're passionate about" she explained. Simmons talked to us about Sophie's Place, the center she helped develop in Vancouver, B.C. for child and youth advocacy. The center is intended to give children who have experienced trauma a safe space to share their story.

    After checking out Sophie Simmons' Baeble session we're sure you'll want more...don't worry, she confirmed that we can expect more music in the future.

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