Drake Makes Up for Views by Dropping Three New Gems
    • MONDAY, JUNE 06, 2016

    • Posted by: Jacob Swindell-Sakoor

    I know my opinion isn't a popular one, but Views didn't live up to the hype. While the production was stellar, Drake's lyrics hit a low point for me. My views on Views (kill me now I'm sorry y'all) surely affected the way I approached listening to these new Drake songs. Although I didn't and still don't like Views, these new songs are good for different reasons and might even be able to earn coveted spots on my various summer playlists.

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    "4PM in Calabasas" is Drake's fourth iteration in his AM/PM "freestyle" series. On this track, Drake aims at subliminal enemies, but he's surely touching on Diddy, Joe Budden, and Meek Mill. Outside of the not so subtle disses, Drake finds his "Pac/Mike" balance on a smooth R&B instrumental that samples Diddy and Ma$e's "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" which samples Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five's "The Message." If that last bit of sample history was too nerdy for my non-hip-hop heads, all you need to know about this song is that Drake continues his streak of hot hookless songs with "4PM in Calabasas." There are some lines that made me do a double take such as "Pistol by my bed, I'm sleep but I'm awake." That's a hard one to believe, but hey, just maybe it's true. All in all, with "4AM in Calabasas" if you're not a fan of Drake rapping for three minutes or more straight, then this isn't the track for you.

    BACK ON THE ROAD (feat. Drake)

    While "Back On Road" doesn't have Drake as the lead artist, he's able to hold his own with Gucci Mane by doing what he does best and that's delivering the song's hook. Drake is able to live up to his promise on "Digital Dash" that when "Gucci get out it's a problem" by delivering a cold hook that will surely please fans of hype/keep the block hot Drake. Gucci delivers two strong verses about how good it feels to be home even though he still has demons to deal with. While the production isn't a 2016 standout for Drake, it knocks hard and that's all that matters. On paper the two artists seem like they wouldn't mesh well together, but one of Drakes many talents is making the unlikely work within his world.

    Rating: 4.5/5

    ONE DANCE (Remix)

    The current version of the One Dance remix doesnt include any vocals from Drake, but Justin Bieber is able to make this early summer jam feel even better. Biebers new take on the chorus and addition of two new short verse is much appreciated and once an official version exists with both Canadian artists on it, the number one hit could be the undisputed song of the summer.

    Rating: 4/5 (Once Drake is added into the mix I might give it a 5/5)

    Overall, this new batch of music from Drake will surely please fans of his various styles. "4PM in Calabasas" is for Drake fans like me that want to hear the artist spit dope bars, while "Back On Road" is for Drake fans like me that want to hear what 2016 Drake & 2016 Guwop (Gucci Mane for those dont know) sound like together, and the "One Dance" remix is for Drake fans like me that also love his pop side and want to see what his next move on that frontier will be. These three tracks were better than the majority on Views, and will surely be able to keep Drake's dominance consistent as he works on whatever is next for himself and his OVOSound label.

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