That's A Wrap: Catfish and the Bottlement at Bowery Electric
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 06, 2014

    • Posted by: Emily Geiger

    Shortly after they made their maiden voyage to the U.S., and a day prior to their performance at Governors Ball, Catfish and the Bottlemen stopped by Bowery Electric in the Lower East Side today to perform three songs off of their new EP Kathleen and the Other Three for a fresh Baeble session. The Wales-based four-piece made up of Van McCann (lead vocals, guitar), Billy Bibby (lead guitar, vocals), Benji Blakeway (bass) and Bob Hall (drums), were quick to make quips and have a laugh, — their senses of humor were expected after encountering the eccentric title and androgynous cover of their new EP (pictured above).

    The band, signed to Ben Lovett's Communion, unloaded "Kathleen," "Homesick" and "Pacifier" for us, three guitar-driven, danceable songs performed by a mic-hugging McCann, who told us that he writes the way that he speaks. He doesn't want the band's music to sound like it's perfect and out of a movie, but something tangible and relatable, and that's certainly what you get.

    Even though McCann describes the band's lyrics as conversational, the music and execution of the songs is anything but. The band attacked each of it songs with force, bending over their guitars and drums, and even whipping out some fancy footwork. Look out for the energetic, rhythmic and down to earth songs from Catfish and the Bottlemen on Baeble in the next few weeks.

    Kathleen and the Other Three is out now on Communion Records. Get your copy here.

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