Whale Belly Riff 70s Garage Rock With A Folk Twist
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 06, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    When a band ties a quirky aesthetic and personality to its musical brand, it provides listeners with an additional level of connection with the artist. When it comes to eccentric senses of humor, Brooklyn-based five piece Whale Belly seems to be onto something. The band whose Facebook describes their influences as, "Marty McFly, Dr. Seuss and Michael Jordan," and who also accompanies their music with whimsical, cartoonish art, seems to have also found themselves a unique sonic niche.

    Today, we're premiering the band's track "Bubbles In My Blood". The song opens with a rustic quick-pick and violin and transports us to a 1970s garage. The song incorporates a built-up musical refrain that shines to something of Grizzly Bear but with a fiddly pinch that brings us right back to The Band.

    Want more Whale Belly? Head on over to their website and grab a free download of their entire debut LP.

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