New Music Video: Julia Stone
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 06, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    In her new video for "By the Horns" Julia Stone sits in a white flowing dress, singing to a orange three-horned creature. The little guy looks a pretty awkward-ed out and kind of under-appreciative of the fact that he's got Julia Stone serenading him. It's an unexpected almost comical aspect to an otherwise more serious video. Whether Stone is making some veiled reference to Charon or just hanging out in a boat is up for debate.

    The dark palate of the video matches the mournful tone of "By the Horns." The almost strictly black and white color scheme seems to echo the lyrics "some of our efforts are colorful/and some people they lose/and some people live in the shadows/so they never have to choose." The video is a refreshing stab at the break-up song, with the symbolic release of the orange creature into the dark water. Stone's soft raspy voice adds to the overall haunting feel of the video.

    When compared to her video for "It's All Okay", the video for "By the Horns" is more of an artistic representation of her work. There is less emphasis on the "story behind the song" and more attention paid to what makes an intriguing video. In "By the Horns" we are shown not told, unlike in "It's All Okay" where we are actually shown a picture of the "ex" character. However both video do a good job of creating emphasis through simplicity and lighting.

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