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    • FRIDAY, JUNE 06, 2008

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    The Walkmen are darn near classic at this point. I know this because they’re still around. Back when they were birthed from the demise of Jonathan Fire Eater – that would be 2000 – these chaps had plenty of high profile, hometown colleagues vying for city dominance. Now they’re one of the last bands standing. This, of course, is just fine with me (though I do wish Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond Jr. had one more worthwhile recording nicked up their sleeves…strictly for nostalgic purposes of course).

    Of course bands do not generally stroke their careers this long without a little adaptation. For The Walkmen that apparently meant hunting down a new label home for record number four. Signing their lives away to Gigantic Music, You & Me – an album written and recorded over a two year period where members split time between Philly and New York - is set for release sometime this fall. How the band survived Chinatown busses 5 days a week for two years? God knows…

    From the official press release:
    You & Me harnesses a sense of classic live-band production into meticulously constructed, unique-sounding rock songs. The sound would definitely not be mistaken for old, but it would be impossible to ignore the most timeless influences. You & Me offers a distinctive twist to the “Walkmen” sound of their first three records. Each song shows focus, and an up-beat enthusiasm apparent in all lyrics, music, and performances.”

    You & Me Tracklist:
    1. Dónde está la Playa
    2. Flamingos (for Colbert)
    3. On the Water
    4. In the New Year
    5. Seven Years of Holidays (for Stretch)
    6. Postcards from Tiny Islands
    7. Red Moon
    8. Canadian Girl
    9. Four Provinces
    10. Long Time Ahead of Us
    11. The Blue Route
    12. New Country
    13. I Lost You
    14. If Only It Were True

    The band has also scheduled a few dates this August.

    The Walkmen On Tour
    8/18: Bowery Ballroom, New York
    8/19: Bowery Ballroom, New York
    8/21: Troubadour, Los Angeles
    8/22: Troubadour, Los Angeles
    8/27: Doug Fir, Portland
    8/28: Richards on Richard, Vancouver (co-bill w/ Man Man)
    8/29: Rifflandia Festival, Victoria (Black Mountain, Destroyer, etc.)
    8/30: Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle

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