Webster Hall Welcomes Halsey Home
    • MONDAY, JUNE 05, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    On Saturday night, while everyone was still high on excitement from the release of Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, Halsey took to twitter to announce a "very intimate show" in NYC the following day. Less than 15 minutes after this announcement, I heard my iMessage tone go off numerous times. My friend had texted me in hysterics, saying that she would try to go, but tensions were high because no one knew where the tickets would be released. I told her I would go with her, you know–for moral support. Not because I'm a Halsey fan or anything. That would be absurd, considering all that I said regarding her "genre identity crisis." When Sunday came, Halsey tweeted the address for fans to go pick up free tickets to the event at 11am which roughly translates to: Welcome to the 75th Hunger Games Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Edition. I arrived at the now not-so-secret location at around 11:15am or 11:20am, and the line was already over 100 people deep and wrapped around the block. Halsey made certain that everyone knew that the event was very intimate and had a very limited number of tickets, but intimate and limited could have meant anywhere from 10 to 50 to 100 tickets.

    As the line became shorter and shorter, a guard informed everyone that there were no more tickets. Not accepting defeat, my friend and I went to Webster Hall, on a hunch that the event would be held there. It was there that we found out that each admitted guest received a plus one, which explained why the tickets went so quickly and were given to the first 100 people, as well as the fact that the same system was used for fans who were given tickets through Sirius XM directly. Surely, not everyone who got tickets has a friend who likes Halsey, or has a friend at all, who they could bring along with them to the show. Acting through this logic, we waited at the venue just incase there were no shows or lonely individuals without a guest. So, from 12:30pm to 8pm, our Sunday consisted of sitting in line outside of Webster Hall in the cold rain–remember, I did this for moral support–not knowing whether or not we were getting in at all. Our faith was beginning to waiver, and our patience was wearing thin. That was, until Halsey made sure that the staff on hand let in waiting fans in the event that the venue didn't fill to capacity as expected. Regardless of whatever strife anyone may have with how they may perceive Halsey, it can never be said that she doesn't come through for her fans.

    Now, I don't want to get Halsey fans riled up about how it was a very limited and private show, and therefore I should have given my spot to a true fan. Don't worry. During the hour and a half that Halsey was on stage last night, she won me over. I feel like I should make it clear, though, I've never found conflict in Halsey's music: "Roman Holiday" has always been a banger. So, technically, it was fine for me to have been there–we're still supposed to be fans of the music over the personal aspects anyway, right? The fact of the matter is, Halsey is a performer. I don't know how she did it, but she created the energy of a Kanye West concert in the tiniest room at Webster Hall. "Young God," a track from her first album Badlands might as well have been sung solely by the crowd–you could barely hear her over everyone singing. Myself included. The absolute best song of the night, however, has to go to "Don't Play." After listening to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, I knew this was the track to hear live. It was truly life changing and probably left every girl in that room feeling as though they were the most badass women on earth.
    Despite all that I had to go through to get into the show, it was absolutely worth it at the end of the day. It was a special night for everyone lucky enough to have been there, but even moreso for Halsey herself. Back in 2015, Webster Hall welcomed Halsey alongside Young Rising Sons on their co-headlining tour together, and did so again later in the same year on the first installment of her Badlands Tour. No matter what, Halsey's fans have always showed up and showed out at this venue for her–waiting hours just to show their unwavering support for her and her career. What made last night so special was that even after selling out Madison Square Garden and performing to crowds of thousands upon thousands of people all around the world, she came back to her roots to play to a room of only 400 people. An attempted stage dive and threat to cut the rest of the set because of people not being considerate of others later, Halsey began to wrap the night up, saying "I will not forget where I came from, this is where I came from." She mentioned how comfortable she was on stage at that moment, and how her usual tactic of blacking everything out and just focusing on the performance wasn't necessary then. She managed to find a safe space within the space she created for her fans.

    I have so much respect for the relationship Halsey has with her fans, from making sure everyone gets a fair chance at experiencing her bring her art to life to having water for everyone on the verge of passing out from jamming so hard during the show. It was wonderful to be a part of what felt like her homecoming. Also, I guess I have to take back what I said about Halsey strictly being a pop artist. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is more alternative than any of her other projects, and she does alternative so very well. Now, if you would excuse me, I have to listen to the new album all the way through for the 80th time.

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