Distoria Are Queens' Next Big Piano Rock Act
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 05, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I've probably said this half a dozen times on here since I took over as the Managing Editor a couple months ago, but I really miss good piano music. Rock & roll has my heart but Billy Joel, Elton John, and Ben Folds are proof that a piano can rock as hard as an electric guitar. There's something elegant about piano rock. It feels more...for lack of a better word...composed than traditional rock. And artists that let their voices shine behind a piano melody can usually sing better than their guitar-fronted counterparts (minus Robert Plant. We don't call him the Golden God for nothing). And today, we're premiering an excellent bit of piano rock from Astoria rockers Distoria (we see what you did there).

    We're very fortunate to have the exclusive premiere of Distoria's latest track, "Lift Point," and it is beautiful. But there's enough of an edge to keep it planted firmly in rock & roll. And frontwoman Helana Martin's voice has that expansive quality which is intimate enough for a headphones session with their music but it is also big enough that I have no doubts she could easily capture a NYC rock club with her voice alone. And that repeated refrain of "how do you live?" becomes a manic mantra anchoring the whole track.

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