Watch Tyler, The Creator's Incredible Larry King Interview
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 05, 2014

    • Posted by: Sarah Kasarsky

    Larry King's new interview with Tyler, the Creator proves that at age 80, he still holds his place as one of the greatest interviewers of all time. Filmed for his new Hulu series, Larry King Now, he questioned Tyler about his rise to fame, success, and future goals. The young hip-hop artist states that he wants to move away from his rapper image in order to fulfill other career goals, such as working in the film industry. He thinks that rapping "puts you in this box...I'm pretty bored with it." He even preaches individuality, as he asserts that college is not for everyone, and tells kids to simply "do what makes them happy."

    The interview is insightful and intriguing, and shows no sign of any generation gap between King and 23-year-old Tyler. King respectfully ignores Tyler's frequent profanity, and simply chuckles at many of his remarks, such as when he exclaims that growing up "everywhere else sucks," except for Los Angeles. King even makes a joke to Jennifer Lawrence, telling her to call Tyler if she's watching the interview. King demonstrates his understanding of Tyler as a person and artist, already seeing past his mere rapper image.

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