The Statistics of Seeing Morrissey: The Unpleasant Truth Continues
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 05, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    Last year, we drew up a statistical chart that stated the possibility of acclaimed singer-songwriter, Morrissey, canceling his scheduled shows due to a wide array of complications.

    Well, I'm here to tell you that things haven't changed much since then:

    While one can certainly make the claim that Morrissey has horrible luck in regards to his gigs, we're convinced that the music gods just resent the crap out of him. So much so, that the members of his backing band have all been afflicted by an unspecified virus. Aside from this, the conflicts continue to bleed onto the rest of the performers, where opener Kristeen Young has now stated she will no longer be accompanying Morrissey on the road because of an allergic reaction.

    Due to this almost predictable dilemma, Morrissey was forced to cancel his upcoming show at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta (6/4) as well as postpone the Atlantic City show on June 6th to a later date (6/22). This marks the British singer's fourth time since 2012 that he has canceled his shows in Atlanta, and were beginning to fear a riot might brake out.

    While the rest of his tour staggers on one foot, trudging passed a sea of sad faces, we ask the hopeful fans and potential ticket holders to beware the great possibilities of another cancelled show.

    Just to give you some perspective, when Morrissey toured the world last year he ended up performing at only 29 shows out of the scheduled 86, leaving fans with a 33.7% statistical chance of actually seeing him perform. Similarly, out of the 28 shows originally scheduled across the U.S., 16 of them have gone on as planned. However, with one show cancelled and the other postponed, audience members scattered across the U.S are left with a maximum of 82.1% of witnessing his greatness first-hand. Of course, with ten shows left on the tour there's no telling what might happen to poor ole Moz. Either way, you can bet your ass we'll be drawing up new numbers as things progress.

    If you're brave enough to accept the challenge, check out the rest of Morrissey's tour dates, scheduled to continue this Saturday (6/7) in Boston, MA, listed below:

    Morrissey 2014 Tour Dates:

    06/07 Boston, MA @ Boston Opera House
    06/10 Baltimore, MD @ Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
    06/11 Washington, DC @ Lincoln Theatre
    06/13 Chicago, IL @ Civic Opera House
    06/14 Flint, MI @ James Whiting Auditorium
    06/16 Lewiston, NY @ Artpark Main Stage Theater
    06/17 Wilmington, DE @ Grand Opera House
    06/19 Hershey, PA @ Hershey Theatre
    06/21 New York, NY @ Barclays Center

    Watch Morrissey's most recent spoken word clip, "Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" featuring a reserved Pamela Anderson:

    Morrissey's upcoming LP "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" is set to release on July 15th via Harvest.

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