Jeff Tweedy's New Project and Other Great Examples of Musical Nepotism
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 05, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    If you've been endlessly exploring the depths of the internet in hopes of discovering new material from alternative-rock band Wilco you can finally call in the search party. Frontman Jeff Tweedy just announced a new album under the moniker, Tweedy, along with a string of tour dates accompanied by guitarist Jim Elkington, keyboardist Liam Cunningham (REM), bassist Daren Gray, singers Jess Wolfeand and Holly Laessig (Lucius), and Tweedy's 18-year-old son Spencer on drums.

    Tweedy, who spent last summer touring with Wilco, My Morning Jacket, and Bob Dylan, expressed his love for the dynamic between he and his son, explaining: "Spencer's been with me since the very beginning." While I'm pretty sure every fan of Tweedy's will be anxiously biting their nails until the full album is made available, a single has been released via WilcoWorld in hopes of easing some of the perpetual suffering.

    Listen below to the new sonically gritty single, "I'll Sing It", featuring Tweedy's son Spencer and wonder why your dad couldn't be so cool.

    Sukierae (pronounced sue-key-ray) arrives in stores on September 16th via dBpm Records.

    And if you're still stuck questioning where your old man went wrong all these years, here are a few other tunes declaring that father/offspring collaborations are what you've been missing this whole time:

    Paul McCartney and son James:

    Levon Helm with his daughter Amy:

    Frank and Dweezil Zappa:

    Johnny Cash and his daughter Rosanne:

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