Water Liars Bring Sentiment, Soul, and All The Emotion Two Southern Men Can Muster To Baeble HQ
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 05, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Water Liars hail from Mississippi, a place that constantly seems at the tip of their most recent album Wyoming. The idea of home and the people who make it the safest place on earth ripple through the album in deep slogs of sorrow and a fair share of laborious longing. Maybe that's because the road just isn't the ideal place for musicians like Andrew Bryant and Justin Kinkel-Schuster. Studio men, who pine for the creative environment and infinite possibilities for their music, often have a hard time on long stretches of highway...especially when loved ones are left home alone as well. Of course, it's an absolute necessity these days, so pitfalls are many; whiskey, bottles of beer, cigarettes, copious amounts of coffee; these are just some of the unhealthy vices that provide comfort and warmth for the fact that a lifetime on the road is no normal kind of lifetime at all.

    The songs help too, of course, and in the case of Water Liars, it's extremely vivid offerings that perfectly sum up what's on this Southern duo's mind. Strumming through three such songs during a recent visit to our headquarters, Andrew and Justin carved through the painful moments of "Linens", a song about what's left behind and the perfect moments that flick through their mind way out there on the road somewhere. Even when home things aren't perfect. "You Work Days I Work Nights" is an ode to what's sacred and most holy when the graveyard shift comes a calling. And the title track, "Wyoming", the most heartbreaking of the three, sounds like the end of the domestic dream. It's heartbreaking stuff and yet somehow feels so good to hear, full of sentiment, soul, and every emotion these two Southern men can muster.

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