Out and About: Delta Spirit
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 05, 2012

    • Posted by: Evan Powell

    Delta Spirit concluded a US tour in its hometown of Long Beach, California this past weekend with a sensational, high-energy performance. Lead-singer and guitarist Matthew Vasquez revealed it to be the band's "let's do one more" performance, and you could tell that he and his fellow member's were there just to have a good timeno pressure at all. The odd mixture of sun-dyed surfers and clean-cut hipsters combined to form a crowd that came out to the Santa Ana Observatory also just to have an awesome time. From the opening acts, it was clear that an enthusiastic audience was in attendance. But once headliner Delta Spirit came on, it was made even more apparent with its OC fans moshing, screaming, and constantly clapping and singing along. The energy in the room was tangible...and way too hot. It seemed that all corners of the packed and sweaty venue knew all the words to songs off the band's most recently released, self-titled album. Performing eight out of eleven tracks on the LP, the band played a setlist geared towards its newest music with added hits from History From Below.

    The band opened with "Empty House" and everyone immediately started clapping and dancing along. The pit went crazy with people moshing and crowd surfing (well... attempting to). And it seemed like they were never going to stop. For "White Table" and "Strange Vine" to follow, the audience continued to clap along with the band members encouraging the positive feedback. Every so often, Vasquez, guitarist William McLaren, and bassist Jon Jameson would stand at the edge of the stage with huge grins on their faces as they motioned to keep the claps going. It seemed a bit self-indulgent, but hey, it was the final concert of their US tour. It wasn't until the end of "Tear it Up" that they finally took a few seconds to pause as Vasquez thanked the audience with a quick "This is really fun!" And then right back to it. The big-sound indie, soul rock continued to shake the venue even in slower songs such as "Time Bomb" and "Yamaha."

    Delta Spirit's interaction with its audience revealed the powerful impact the band's sound has on others. The infectious rhythms, the pounding drums, and the easy-to-sing-along to songs proved successful as the audience never stopped showing the band affection. At one point, an audience member showed just how much he was a fan as he ran up on stage, avoiding security guards, and jumped out in the audience. Later on, Vasquez did a similar stage dive and crowd surf after throwing a broken light fixture into the audience. As usual, the crowd went crazy. The performance at The Observatory proved that Delta Spirit has garnered a large and loyal following. Although the band's tour has ended, the fans will surely follow the band to summer musical festivals, beginning with (Bonnaroo) later this week.

    1. Empty House
    2. White Table
    3. Strange Vine
    4. Tear it Up
    5. Idaho
    6. Parade
    7. Tellin' the Mind
    8. Time Bomb
    9. House Built for Two
    10. Bushwick Blues
    11. People C'mon
    12. Yamaha
    13. Children
    14. California
    15. Devil Knows Youre Dead
    16. Money Slaves
    17. Trashcan

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