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    • THURSDAY, JUNE 05, 2008

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    What is this guy? He is very under the radar, even after several years of music making in New York City. He releases hip-hop, hails from Brooklyn, and occasionally has vocals that sound like a cut from the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou?. We're confused and intrigued.

    But really we should be excited; anyone or any band that crosses genres in such a fluid way are always of interest to the popular music community. You might remember singer/songwriter Tim Fite as one half of the rap duo Little-T and One Track Mike. That was the early 2000's; since then Fite has signed with Anti Records. Fite's brand of jams range from indie to alt-country to hip hop and back again.

    His free all hip hop record Over The Counter Culture was as poignant and talked about as it was fun and typical Fite witticism. Fite is also known for using samples from old, forgotten music. He has a self-imposed limit of using only parts of records he bought for less than a dollar. When he isn't laying a beat, he is writing the kind of cushy twang guitar pop that dominates on his new release, Fair Ain't Fair, in stores now. It almost sounds like The Hold Steady meets Bishop Allen. This guy wrote a hip hop record?

    It's all part of the appeal. Tim is just a cool guy with a lot of talent, some samples, and a guitar. Fite is currently on tour with Adam Green. Check out his live show, and pick up his records. Whatever you're in the mood for, he's probably done it. -joe puglisi

    Tim Fite on Tour
    6/5 - Great Scott - Boston, Massachusetts
    6/6 - Studio JPR - Montreal, Quebec
    6/7 - Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, Ontario
    6/9 - Magic Stick - Detroit, Michigan
    6/10 - Lakeshore Theater - Chicago, Illinois
    6/11 - DAYTROTTER PARTY @ Huckleberry’s Pizza Parlor - Rock Island, Illinois

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    MP3: Tim Fite:: “Big Mistake” - Fair Ain't Fair
    MP3: Tim Fite:: “Place Your Bets” - Over The Counter Culture
    Tim Fite on Myspace

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