The Hilarious Highlights of 50 Cent's Reddit AMA
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 04, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    There's no shortage of things to say about Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson that he hasn't already said about himself. Fortunately for us, 50, aka Fiddy, is giving his fans a chance to speak with him keyboard-to-keyboard on Reddit. Although his answers seem to be few and far between, you can bet that there will be an over-abundance of troll-like comments regarding most, if not all, of the cents-ible motions he's acted upon during his lengthy career.

    Hardly anything of true importance was spoken about. Therefore, just to help cut out all the bullshit, we've selected a few of yesterday afternoon's most hilarious highlights:

    ...Finally, some honesty!

    A story we wish we were there for.

    Way to be an individual, Fif.

    No surprise here.

    From shots fired at poor Benny Hill to the real reason anyone watched The Dukes of Hazzard.

    50 prefers an all-raw vegan diet.

    As if these weren't enough to keep you laughing, 50's fans also provided him with their own renditions of some of his most highly acclaimed tunes:

    As well as some magnificent artwork...

    Click here to read the entire AMA and be sure to check out 50's latest album, Animal Ambition, available on iTunes.

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