How Far Will Glastonbury Fans Go to Cancel Metallica?
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 04, 2014

    • Posted by: Sarah Kasarsky

    Metallica's placement as the third headliner of the upcoming Glastonbury festival has created an uproar among its attendees. A group of passionate ticket holders created a Facebook page and Google Site in response to lead singer James Hetfield's support of Big Game Hunting, and is seeking the removal of the rock group from Glastonbury's lineup.

    Hetfield's upcoming gig as the narrator for The History Channel's The Hunt, which tracks bear hunters on the island of Kodiak, Alaska, led to the page's creation which has a mission statement claiming that he is "incompatible with Glastonbury Festival's ideals."

    With 17,000 likes and counting, the Remove Metallica Facebook page is gaining support by the minute. As those at Glastonbury continue to secure Metallica's spot at the festival, the true concern lies with the festival's fans. As its ticket-buyers, attendees, and supporters, do they have the right to petition against its acts? Or, as the festival quickly approaches, have Glastonbury fans gone one step too far?

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