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    • FRIDAY, JUNE 04, 2010

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    From time to time we like to ask an artist we've worked with to curate a mixtape for us. To celebrate the release of their latest record, Eureka, we asked our pals Rooney.

    For my emerging artist playlist, I decided to limit myself to artists who happen to be my good buddies. I wasn't sure I was going to have enough and I was delighted to realize how many talented friends I keep. The following artists and groups are people I have had the pleasure to record with, play with, sing with, write with, and hang out with. Now put on some headphones and enjoy these great songs from my pals. -Ned Brower

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    1. "Love Me Chase Me" - Carney - Carney

    This band is composed of two mega-talented brothers Zane and Reeve, who both play truly maniacal guitar. This is a very exciting record. It's poppy, but has the insane playing of a real band and always surprises you with it's jazzy changes and dynamic vocals.

    2. "Memories" - The Redwalls - Wall To Wall Sessions EP

    This great band from Chicago have toured with Rooney a couple times over the years and are the best live harmony singers we've encountered. I love the edgy reggae infusion on this track. Ironically, it was released as a b-side and never really got its due.

    3. "Fair Game" - The Like - Release Me

    These girls have been around the 1.a. pop rock scene for a long time and i have had the pleasure of watching them grow and develop from the beginning. Their new record has a heavy 60's girl group influence but this track blends that oldies sound with an offbeat new wave spin.

    4. "Appaloosa" - Hymns - Appaloosa

    I love the crunchy R&B horn section on this track from the NYC band Hymns. Taylor and I sang some harmonies on this EP though not on this particular track.

    5. "The Strawberry Blonde" - Mike Viola - Lurch EP

    Mike Viola is a pop genius who used to be in the 90's power pop band Candy Butchers and also performed the song "That Thing You Do" for the film of the same title. this song showcases his incredible vocal stylings and ability to incorporate subtle key changes and incredible harmony stacks. Mike produced and performed on my debut solo record Great To Say Hello which will be available on iTunes this summer.

    6. "When My Time Comes" - Dawes - North Hills LP

    These guys used to be called Simon Dawes and were a left of center indie pop band but they swapped out a couple members, became Dawes, and followed their rootsy rock urges. I love the new direction and they have really become a serious live musical force.

    7. "Runaway" - Samantha Shelton - Are You Kidding Around

    Samantha Shelton used to play in a jazz ensemble with actress Zooey Deschanel before they both started doing their own projects. This song showcases Sam's natural knack for a good tune and a good time.

    8. "I Won't F-ck You Over (This Time)" - Bleu - A Watched Pot

    Bleu is an up and coming songwriter and works with a lot of top pop acts. He is a master song writing chameleon, but my favorite works of his are the ones he keeps for himself. He mixes modern humor and traditional soul flavor on this track off his last solo record.

    9. "Unresponsive Ears" - Army Navy - Army Navy

    People often compare this Los Angeles pop band to Teenage Fan Club and that is very cool with me. I love lead singer/songwriter Justin Kennedy's melodies and reedy vocals.

    10. "Angel Of Mine" - Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons - Death Won't Send A Letter

    Cory has my favorite voice of any lead singer today. You can't learn that sh*t...he just has that sh*t. He's a great drinking buddy too.

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