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    • FRIDAY, JUNE 04, 2010

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    Restless People is made up of members from the tropical Tanlines, experimentalists Storm & Stress, and dance punks Professor Murder. Just imagine the sweet sounds that could come out of a combination like that. Think about it. Aren't your ears pleased? Well, Restless People is exactly what you imagine. What more could you want from a band? Oh, you want more? Fine, feast your little ears on "Days of Our Lives".

    It'll make you want to go clubbing in Ibiza. No, it will make you want to go make your own dance-soca music. Maybe both? The track is bongo-less, but the heavy synth pads and the airhorn manage to give off that oh-so-tropical vibe.

    Restless People, their debut album, is out 9/14 via Iamsound. -hanna kasper

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    MP3: "Days of Our Lives" (Restless People)
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