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    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 04, 2008

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    Yeah... that was bad. Anyway, "it smells like record 3" according to Karen O and the boys of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Their site proclaims they've been cooking in the kitchen, working hard on the new album. And we just might have a feast on our hands.

    You might remember Show Your Bones, a 2006 favorite dish of the New York City indie rock scene. They've told us that they've gone rural and traveled out of the city to record where there is more space (from a barn in the Northeast to a ranch in the Southwest). They also mentioned the influence of cats on their recording; "...fuzzy soft muses aka kittens have played a major role in the writing process of YYYs current and past records." Interesting. The band isn't budging on giving any other hints as to what the new record will sound like, minus some sort of picture riddle on their blog.

    Can you solve the puzzle? Is it even a puzzle? Probably not. We're just sitting around mildly disturbed by the use of a cooking metaphor and kittens as muses in one blog post... just kidding. -joe puglisi

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