The Japanese House Shines on 'Saw You In a Dream' EP
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2017

    • Posted by: Meredith Nardino

    Nothing compares to the feeling of watching an independent artist grow right before your eyes. For fans of The Japanese House, the last two years have been a constant rush of excitement and surprise as they witnessed singer-songwriter Amber Bain's stunning transformation. With her fourth EP Saw You In a Dream, Bain soars to new heights while still staying true to the shimmering indie-pop sound that hypnotized us from the start.

    Bain kept her identity on the down-low when she released her first single, "Still," in 2015. The heavy production and androgynous vocals even led some to believe The Japanese House was actually the secret solo project of The 1975's Matty Healy. Since members of The 1975 helped produce the Bain's early work, the similarities between the two bands aren't surprising. It would have been so easy for Bain to remain comfortable as the sidekick to one of the most popular alt-pop bands of the last four years. Instead, each new Japanese House song expanded upon Bain's already impressive symphonic sound.

    Saw You In a Dream is exactly that - a beautiful dream. When the title track debuted this spring, it was clear Bain was growing more confident as an artist. "Saw You In a Dream" has a rich texture that makes it stand out from the minimalist pop of her first few hits. Follow-up single "Somebody You Found" picks up where "Face Like Thunder" left off last year, featuring a stunning hook and perfectly timed accents of percussion.

    This EP is filled with all the best parts of the typical Japanese House sound, elevated to a cinematic level. "Count to Nine" is one of the best songs Bain has ever written, her voice floating gracefully through the mellow masterpiece. These nine minutes showcase every detail of Bain's evolution, haunting vocal distortion and all. On "3/3," The Japanese House complete their transformation from little-known indie outfit to dreamy pop powerhouse with the potential for superstardom. Saw You In a Dream proves there's no predicting what The Japanese House does next.

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