8 Songs That Should Play When a Female Character on Game of Thrones Enters the Scene
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 30, 2016

    • Posted by: Jenny Pedraza

    With the girl-power happening on the latest season of Game of Thrones, we think certain characters require equally triumphant songs to accompany their every bad ass move

    Since season 6 concluded on Sunday, we're already feeling the void and will spend the next year pining for season 7, so we decided to put together a track list for female characters who are literally, killing the game.

    arya stark game of thrones

    Did we seriously think she will become a "girl with no name?" Because of the vengeful little boss that she is, we have given her the tunes of Alex Lahey's "You Don't Think You'll Like People Like Me." The song asks the question we had been asking about Arya Stark this entire season, but really, how can you not love people like her?

    arya stark game of thrones

    It was about time Sansa did something to get our attention. We couldn't help but be reminded of Grace's "You Don't Own Me". With this, song we can envision Sansa's ghost of a smile after feeding her psychopath ex-husband, Ramsay to a pack of dogs.

    arya stark game of thrones

    Did somebody say wildfire? We all knew this vicious Queen was had something brutal up her sleeve. In honor of Cerseis ruthlessness and how much we love a bad girl, we think The Kills "Doing it to Death" is just the fit.

    lady brienne of tarth game of thrones

    The ever-so-delicate tunes of "Dreams" by Kelsey Lu seem entirely abstract when we look at the character of Lady Brienne, but because in this scenario, it's her actions and courage that won our hearts, we have to give her this delicate track that speaks to her kindness and her loyalty.

    Yara Grejoy game of thrones

    Regardless of what her uncle might think, Yara is a true leader and lover. We think Yara's character calls for none other than Tegan and Sara's "Boyfriend", this is the kind of track that will make you think twice about first impressions.

    The Red woman game of thrones

    Okay, maybe we let the title of the song distract us a bit, but Jenny Hvals' "Female Vampire" is the perfect fit for the darkness and mystery of our favorite not-so-compassionate red lady.

    Daenerys Targaryen game of thrones

    Because we love to leave the best for last and because the similarities are infinite-- they're both Queens, they both bring the fire, and they both have kick ass hair styles. We couldn't think of a better track to suit the Mother of Dragons, than Beyonces "Don't Hurt Yourself."

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