Ryn Weaver The Fool
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2015

    • Posted by: Becky Foinchas

    Sure, we can technically categorize Ryn Weaver as a pop artist. It would be irresponsible though to disregard the avant-garde, electronically boundless twinkle that sets Weaver apart from the Katy Perrys and Brittany Spears of our generation. There's a cryptic flair that keeps the anxiety alive in Ryn Weaver's debut studio album The Fool. If you're the type that would be into Gothic carousels of symphonic merriment, then The Fool is guaranteed to pluck a heart string somewhere along the way. Her musky, full- bodied bourbon bass voice can just as effortlessly soar into a falsetto riff that is sure to induce goose-bumps.

    If Sigur Ros, Florence and The Machine, and Allie X threw a tea party, they would encourage each other to bump this album during the soiree. The aforementioned artists are of varied spectrums of the music realm, but can still somehow be likened to the swirly alternative pop
    sounds of The Fool. There's not much material out there to accurately depict Weaver's musical evolution, but I could swear that as the album elapses, so do her inhibitions. Her previous career as an aspiring actor begins to show itself as she showcases varying personas song by song. In the song "Free,"
    she's a majestic singer/rapper with a grievance and something to prove. What is it about her voice that makes you want to make amends with your worst enemy?

    Whatever the case, she's a soul snatching act. One that deserves some curious immersion.

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