Wendy's Wants to Ruin Your Childhood with Music
    • MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    According to Wendy's sales figures, the only thing that kids of the 80s and 90s like more than the music of their youth are pretzel-bunned burgers. Ad Age recently reported that the company will promote the return of their limited edition loafs with a marketing campaign focused on musical nostalgia, and crowdsourced social media participation.

    The company's first effort at waxing millennial nostalgia came with their Publicis Kaplan Thaler-created TV ad featuring the re-branded redheaded spokes-girl singing a pretzel bun-themed version of Mr. Big's 1991 classic "To Be With You".

    Does anyone else miss Dave Thomas? Hell, I'd rub that Where's the Beef? lady's old feet before I'd buy a greasy pretzel from a skinny, uppity Blossom lookalike.

    This retro love-song theme is being carried digitally through the hashtag #pretzellovesongs. The social engagement of this marker on both Twitter and Facebook gave the campaign fuel to assemble this "user"-generated music video released earlier today.

    A quick search of #pretzellovesongs on Twitter doesn't yield any lyrics we heard. But hey, that's just the magic of marketing, you guys...

    The icing on the cake — or mayo on the bun — will come July 9th when 90s R&B icons Boys II Men appear at Times Square where they'll perform pretzel-themed love songs for the campaign's second music video. We can only assume that this will not have been the first time in history that a man considered penetrating a pretzel on Broadway.

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