We Dare You to Watch Yoko Ono's Glastonbury Set
    • MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Thousands of fans protested Metallica's positioning on the Glastonbury lineup. Many others were befuddled by the appearance of a 68-year-old Dolly Parton on the festival's final day. But the only truly bizarre and downright unpleasant performance at the UK event came out of an entirely different beast: Yoko Ono.

    The singer performed her 1969 song "Don't Worry Kyoko", which was originally recorded with John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Klaus Voormann, and Ringo Starr (Yeah, holy shit, is right). Her backing band over the weekend, however, was comprised of Yo La Tengo members who helped maintain the original recording's bluesy instrumental charm, and Yoko also preserved the same steaming pile of vocal nonsense she shared nearly 45 years ago.

    We can't help but wonder why this 81-year-old woman is still being booked for major music events like Glastonbury, performing late night TV sets, and releasing full-length albums. We get it, we've all been there; we've all done our buddy a favor by helping get his kid a job, but that twerp got fired after he took the fork-lift on a nose-dive off the loading dock. But to compare such a disaster to Yoko Ono's music would be an insult to idiot teen stoners everywhere. You guys, John Lennon died more than 34 years ago; we don't have to pretend that this is art anymore...

    It's the camera operator's job to find crowd shots of fans enjoying the set, and this was the best he/she could do...

    If you're feeling courageous, check out the original.

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