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    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30, 2010

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    Dirty Projectors and Bjork digitally released a seven track, 21-minute collaborative album today, titled Mount Wittenberg Orca. Inspired by whales and, you guessed it, Mount Wittenberg, the album addresses Projectors' David Longstreth's "obsession with vocal harmony," apparent but less emphasized on their 2009 release Bitte Orca. It's sea-life oriented in more ways than name, proceeds going to the National Geographic Society Ocean Initiative. Written by Longstreth, the album was rehearsed for three days and recorded fairly quickly and simply at the Rare Book Room in Brooklyn.

    There's a track available to stream below, "All We Are". It's definitely all about the vocals, eerie and beautiful with a distinct whale-call vibe and choral passages reminiscent of the children's choir on Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown soundtracks. The stripped-down sound is a really interesting twist for The Dirty Projectors, whose always-fascinating vocals are usually driven by super-poppy drums. This feels like a great combination of both the vocal skills and creativity of Bjork and Dirty Projectors. It's a kind of daring move, so much less catchy than the Dirty Projectors' other work, and a successful one, interesting enough to demand several listens. Get the album here, track list below.-selden paterson

    Track List for Mount Wittenberg Orca

    1. Ocean
    2. On and Ever Onward
    3. When the World Comes to an End
    4. Beautiful Mother
    5. Sharing Orb
    6. No Embrace
    7. All We Are

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