The Whimsical Winds Of Beirut's Newest Single
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 03, 2015

    • Posted by: Becky Foinchas

    "No, No, No?" More like yes, Yes, YES! [Ed. Note: I feel contractually obligated to link to this now.]. Beirut has effortlessly managed to capture the essence of a universally agreeable sound that just continues to expand their fan base both horizontally and vertically. Their new single "No, No, No" just refuses to cut the typical corners of a round-a-bout carol. While we've come to expect a certain level of instrumental complexity from Beirut, their four year hiatus encourages a heightened level of curiosity into the thought process behind the outgoing twists and turns of the song. To shy away from the intricacies of a carefully layered horn jig or a strategically ordered fiddle riff would be un-Beirutish (official word). There's a waltzy, playful, vineyard appeal that makes you immediately want to get up, grab the nearest person by the hand and spin wildly like an innocent child without a care in the world. I guess the only torturous aspect of the song is its two minute and fifty second agonizingly shy length.

    Expect the highly anticipated album No, No, No out on September 11th. In the meanwhile, check out the Baeblemusic concert of Beirut at the Music Hall of Williamsburg back in 2009. Still so good.

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