Sneakout Are Ready To Be Your Rock 'Savior'
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 03, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    We have plenty of bombastic, over-the-top pop music in indie circles these days, but we're a little light on rock acts that know how to come off as larger-than-life. So many rock bands are so obsessed with minimalism or ironic distance that they've forgotten how to seem like rock stars. Sneakout does not have the problem.

    We had the chance to chat with the fuzz rock outfit about their latest single, "Savior," and Sneakout gets the arena-ready rock star appeal. The song is full of propulsive riffs, hooks that should be sung at top-volume by a packed house, and soaring vocals. With hints of New Wave, garage, and even this unexpcected touch of psychedelia (to the swirls of the guitars) amidst some bluesy riffs, "Savior" is a head-banging, foot-thumping delight.

    Be sure to check out "Savior" below" as well as our chat with the band.

    Your song Savior has a spontaneous and rebellious feel to it. Im curious, what were you like as a teenager?

    Sneakout: As a teenager I was lucky enough to grow up with an older sister that always got caught. I learned from her how to stay out of trouble by watching her get busted for anything and everything. I was just as wild as any other teenager, I just rarely had to suffer the consequences of adolescent troublemaking. I mastered the art of talking my way out of anything.

    Tell me more about your album title, Sneakout? Is there a story behind it?

    I came up with the band name Sneakout as an homage to taking risks and living on the edge. Some of my favorite memories of growing up involve finding trouble and figuring out how to get away with it. I find that as we grow up we forget about this and tend to play things safe. I want to create an identity that promotes "sneaking out" or getting into trouble to people of all ages. You can sneak out of work, sneak out on the bill, sneak out of a boring event, etc. It's never too late to have some fun.

    "Savior" is very much a blues-rock track. Who were the blues artists that influenced you as songwriters?

    Blues has always been a big part of my musical education. The best thing about the blues is the soul and emotion that come through, coupled with the fact that it's easy to play and simple to learn. While writing this song I was listening to a lot of The Kills, Lightning Hopkins and Howlin' Wolf for the blues influence. Add to that The Cars and Tommy James and The Shondells with a sprinkle of hip-hop and then you have "Savior."

    There seems to be a subtle message in your music about society. Would you say there is something about society that kids understand, that older people understand, that middle-aged people forget?

    In "Savior" I was writing about a friend of mine that never lets loose. They go to bed early and are stuck to a routine and are missing out on some really great times. The message I suppose is that life goes by in a blink of an eye and we need to take advantage and enjoy every moment. I'm also talking to myself in this song and reminding myself to take my own advice. I think that middle-aged people get caught up in the grind while younger folks and older folks tend to realize that life is meant to be enjoyed.

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