Noah Francis Johnson Lights A 'Fire'
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 03, 2015

    • Posted by: Patrick Pilch

    Everyone's hometown is something that connects us personally to our most significant childhood memories. Our hometown is the place that shapes us, governs our personal growth, and fills us with monumentally impactful experiences that teach us invaluable lifelong lessons. Noah Francis Johnson, the ex-frontman of post-grunge ensemble, Ellis, focuses on the unification of communities for his full-length release, Tigerbay. Today, we're premiering the video to accompany his single, "Fire," the latest from the Wales native.

    Appropriately named after his hometown of Tiger Bay, Cardiff, Noah Francis Johnson's newest single, "Fire," discusses his willpower to stay true to himself during times of hardship. The artist's style has shifted from his Ellis days, as he becomes increasingly focused on individualized, singer-songwriter style lyrics. His new LP focuses on the tribulations of growing up in a culture surrounded by racism, and the environment of a melting pot community where people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and creeds assemble together for the greater good. He has important stories of growing up in the boxing ring and seeking answers from the church (and discovering his music could be key to his spirituality). While the town of Tiger Bay has changed dramatically since Francis upbringing, the artist cites his new album as a remembrance, so that the spirit of this place is never forgotten.

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