Fitz and The Tantrums Bassist Vents to Dr. Scaggs
    • MONDAY, JUNE 03, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    In our latest edition of Fitz & The Tantrums Dream Therapy Sessions, the group's bassist, Joseph Karnes, visits Dr. Noelle Scaggs office to revisit one of his more interesting late night delusions. Mr. Karnes must have been chowing down on some spicy grub before bed because the dude has an abnormal interest in musical raccoons. Watch the preview for "Get Away", a track off Fitz and The Tantrums' new album More Than Just A Dream below.

    Take a trip to this new era of Fitz & The Tantrums in More Than Just A Dream, out now.

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    Watch Fitz and the gang tear through 2010's Pickin' Up The Pieces live at Bader Field.

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