wale mixtape asks us: what's the deal with this airline food?
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 03, 2008

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    We're not really sure what the deal is with this mixtape, but neither is rapper Wale. Actually, he basically lays it out over a very familiar sounding opening track: "this is a mixtape about... nothing." And why is Julia Louis Dreyfus on a track, saying how f***ing cool she is? Oh... that's where we know this music from.

    Rapper Wale busts out something really cool: a mixtape based on a bunch of samples from one of TV's all-time great sitcoms: Seinfeld. Plus, it's appropriately titled The Mixtape About Nothing. We know Jerry didn't want to be a pirate, but he never mentioned anything about being a gangsta. And we're not really sure if Michael Richards wanted his infamous outburst immortalized on a Wale track... anway...

    The jams are the same kind of stuff we've come to expect from Wale (pronounced Wah-lay), who gained notoriety for his combination of hip-hop and go-go. You know him, he's Mark Ronson's buddy from DC, and had guys like Jay-Z and Kanye West digging his set at Mark's album release party at the Highline last year. You know, small time stuff. He was also featured on The Roots "Rising Up," a track off the latest album from the Philly super group (p.s. it's on the mixtape as well). His previous credits include that other successful and infamous mixtape "100 Miles & Running." All seventeen tracks of The Mixtape About Nothing, like the last Wale tape, is available for free-ninety-nine. This time it's on the 10 Deep website, streaming and available for download, for everyone to bounce to, sans surcharge. Check it. -joe puglisi

    Wale on Tour
    6/5 - Private Show - Beaverton, OR
    6/14 - Hot Import Nights @ FedEx Field - Landover, ML
    7/19 - Rock The Bells @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre - Chicago, IL
    7/20 - Rock The Bells TORONTO - Toronto, ON
    7/26 - Rock The Bells @ Tweeter Center - Mansfield, MA
    7/27 - Rock The Bells @ Merriweather Post Pavillion - Columbia, MA
    8/2 - Rock The Bells @ Bayfront Park Amphitheater - Miami, FL
    8/3 - Rock The Bells @ Jones Beach Amphitheater - New York, NY
    8/9 - Rock The Bells @ Coors Amphitheater - Denver, CO
    8/16 - Rock The Bells @ Glen Helen Amphitheatre - San Bernadino, CA
    8/23 - Rock The Bells @ Shoreline Amphitheater - San Francisco, CA
    8/30 - Rock The Bells - Vancouver, British Columbia
    9/25 - Wale, Clipse, Consequence & Southeast Slim @ University of MD - College Park, MD
    10/3 - SUNY Purchase - Purchase, NY

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    MP3: Wale:: “The Opening Title Sequence” - The Mixtape About Nothing
    Wale on Myspace
    Download The Mixtape About Nothing

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