The Upcoming Lana Del Rey And Stevie Nicks Collaboration: Why It'll Work
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 2017

    • Posted by: Kelly Kenlon

    Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks are coming together in an unreleased song titled "Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems" for Lana's upcoming album Lust For Life (Stevie recently interviewed Lana all about it). It's going to be an interesting collaboration because, well, it's Stevie-freaking-Nicks, and also because at times, the singers share similar songwriting styles. However it's not just on a musical level that these two seem connected, apparently they're "witchy sisters." From the mystical way Lana does her hair to the clothes she dresses in -- it seems like she wants to connect to a time where someone like Stevie Nicks was in charge.

    Stevie is a force that will not stand down, and refuses to become a past star who is done creating music. Lately she has made a new song for a movie called The Book Of Henry and recorded a new version of her song "Gypsy" for a new Netflix series titled "Gypsy." How fitting. She even collaborated with Harry Styles... But her effort with Lana is definitely one of her most exciting recent projects.

    Recently Stevie Nicks interviewed Lana Del Rey for V Magazine. It was nice to see that Stevie Nicks was the one conducting the interview, looking to learn from a younger artist. Pretty damn cool.

    Just from short parts of their conversation they simply seem like good friends discussing what they love most -- making music. Lana feels like the 2017 witchy bohemian pop rock princess that Stevie Nicks was creating throughout the 70s. From the very start the two are able to joke around with each other. The first thing the two talked about was the fact that Lana seems to have gone through a bit of an evolution from her first album Born To Die and now with Lust for Life. Judging from her song "Love" that came out back in February and "Lust for Life" featuring the Weeknd it's seems like this album will still carry out her same style but maybe with a message that isn't so melancholy. As she is talking to Stevie, the two exchange their ways of writing and how each song truly is like a journal entry from a very personal diary.

    Lana explains that this coming record really is trying to be something that not only resonates with people but also helps them and makes them feel like everything is going to be okay. She also only wants to make music for "the right reasons," focusing more on what is important to her rather than the success it may bring.

    These two artists are similar in various ways from their art to their style but what's most important is their music and the stories that they both tell. With Lana's first album that got her on the map, Born To Die, we can see all of those elements. The difference between songs like "Video Games" and "Born To Die" compared to some of her newer singles is that Lana's new songs have a sense of hopefulness that her past works don't. In her new songs she is more about looking up. One of her other recent releases "Coachella–Woodstock In My Mind" tells the tale of being at Coachella and having a good time but also being able to think about what is going on in our world. The song takes something that is supposed to be a stress release and place for fun and reminds us that we can be there but also be thinking about important aspects of our current world.

    A lot of past and current Lana songs definitely have some Stevie Nicks twang to them. If we look at the Stevie songs and simply take her voice belting out the lyrics, that's where we see that the two connect and have some real similarities.

    Lana Del Rey also recently released a little preview of her new song "Cherry" which will be another track on the album Lust For Life.

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