INTERVIEW: Great Good Fine Ok
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29, 2016

    • Posted by: Susmita Paruchuri

    The Brooklyn synth-pop band, Great Good Fine Ok have been putting out single after single this year, having popped up seemingly out of nowhere and sweeping unsuspecting fans off their feet. Since breaking out with the smooth, ethereal love song "You're the One for Me" - a track that blew up online and hit #1 on Hype Machine twice in the same month - the band has continued to put out great music ever since.

    I caught up with Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman before their set at Baeble's annual Bands and Brews concert series.

    SUSMITA PARUCHURI: So you both live in Brooklyn--what's your favorite thing about playing here at home?

    LUKE MOELLMAN: Its good to go home and sleep in your own bed.

    JON SANDLER: Yeah, it's always cool to play in your hometown, because your friends and family can come, and you get to sleep in your own bed, and there's just something exciting. You know, there's like an energy when you're surrounded by your people and your venue that you've been to a million times as a fan.

    SP: Your most recent release, "Shapeshifting" was written with Orla Gartland. What was it like working with her?

    LM: It was cool, I mean, how did we meet her, through Twitter, right?

    JS: Yeah it was weird, I forget exactly how it happened.

    LM: I think we were tweeting at each other.

    JS: She said something nice about us on Twitter, and we responded, and then our managers got in touch.

    LM: She came out to one of our shows in London and we met her there.

    JS: And then we went to one of her shows in New York, and finally we were all in New York together and we decided to write something. And so we got together in Luke's apartment, and we wrote this song.

    SP: I saw that she said on Twitter the song was about change, what inspired that?

    JS: I think the theme of it was pretty much her idea. I actually read something that she wrote online recently--

    LM: She kind of came in with this idea of shapeshifting.

    JS: I think she was in a time where she was traveling a lot, and doing a lot of stuff, and things in her life were changing a lot, and yeah, it was about this idea that everybody is sort of shapeshifting and changing.

    SP: You guys aren't afraid to get personal with more emotional topics in your music like heartbreak or change, are there any other uncharted subjects you want to explore in the future?

    LM: Space exploration.

    JS: Yeah, it's good question, but it's like, who knows? It's like, whatever is inspiring us at the time. So maybe something crazy'll happen, or you know, who knows?

    SP: Going off of that, is there anything you want to experiment with in your music technically or sonically?

    JS: Our music's already evolved a lot since we wrote our first song, and so I'm not sure what it will sound like in a year from now, but I'm sure it will evolve to something else.

    LM: It's sort of different, because the way we put stuff out now is just a song at a time. A lot of bands, historically, have put albums out, and that's a chance to totally redefine your sound. Because when you work on the next album, you can change it up. But since we're doing one at a time, it's sort of--I don't know, slower.

    JS: Maybe more of a gradual change.

    LM: Its less conscious.

    SP: That was actually something I was wondering--you've put out a lot of great singles this year, but is there an album in your future, or are you planning on continuing what you've been doing so far?

    JS: It's funny, were kind of having fun doing it like this. At first, we just put out some singles, because it seemed like a good thing to do. Yeah, it seems less that it doesn't make sense to put out 12 songs at once, because it's more fun to only release songs that we think are amazing, and then each one of those songs can have a whole full life that maybe some songs on a full album wouldn't.

    LM: It also forces us to write really good songs, I think.

    JS: Our sifting process is pretty strict.

    LM: We have dozens and dozens of songs that we're feeling okay about. So it's like, only the ones that we feel really great about are the ones we put out.

    JS: We're not forced, in a certain amount of time, to put together 10 songs, and maybe feel only okay about. Every song we release we're super proud of, and it's really a cool thing to do that.

    SP: You're about to play a few shows on the west coast, what are you guys looking forward to with that?

    LM: The Seattle one is a festival, that's going to be cool.

    JS: Yeah, we haven't played in LA in over a year, so I'm really excited about that. And also just because were from Brooklyn, we don't get over to the west coast as much as we would love to, so just being able to get over there and play new shows, I've been excited since we started thinking about it.

    SP: Lastly, something you've already touched on--in what ways do you find yourself evolving since you first started out in 2013?

    LM: Better.

    JS: I think we're just better!

    LM: We can definitely make better songs faster, now.

    JS: I do think, like, yeah, for the past two or three years, we've pretty much dedicated our lives to writing songs. So I think we're both just better at what we do, because we've been practicing it, and thinking about it, and seeing what works and what doesn't, and so I think if anything we're more polished. And like I said, who knows, sonically or generally where it might go? Our number one is writing songs that were proud of, and we hope that other people like them.

    Catch Great Good Fine Ok on one of their tour dates below!

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