Cutty Sark Presents: Eternal Summers
    • MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Roanoke rockers Eternal Summers is a collective that maintains the goal of their band name. Summer, sun, and other synonyms for beautiful weather remains engrained in their sound and has made their music such an enjoyable experience for the past years. With their breakout song "Millions" in 2012, Eternal Summers has had great success in the indie world. With their shimmering and delicate guitar riffs to lead singer Nicole Yun's subtle yet blaring voice, Eternal Summers has crafted a chillwave rock sound unlike any other.

    Their new album Gold and Stone infuses their similar and likable pop grooves with bouncy guitars and breezy melodies. On "Together and Alone", Yun's vocals changes up the pace as they shout atonally in the midst of the instrumentation. It's a vibrant juxtaposition that is thrilling yet understandable. All of the energy on the track is undeniably exhilarating, yet Eternal Summers' stays true to their haziness with bright strumming and lackadaisical bass lines. On "Play Dead", ferocity is in the apex part of the spectrum. With vehement chords exhaling a gritty tone, the song rushes on in a parade of aggression with Yun's voice going in and out of falsetto.

    Though summer may not be forever, the fun and jubilant nature of the season will carry on through the band and their truly unique sound. Want to see Eternal Summers in concert? Cutty is giving away prize crates to five lucky winners which include a pair of tickets to the Brooklyn Bowl show on June 30th, a Cutty t-shirt, a flask, and a shot glass. Enter the Cutty giveaway below.

    Tickets for the showcase can be purchased here.


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