New Music Video: Keaton Hensen's
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012

    • Posted by: Amanda Scherker

    A shabby warehouse may not seem like the place for a ballerina to practice her pointe posture, but Keaton Hensen doesn't seem concerned about abiding by any convention. As music videos get flashier and snappier to accommodate our ADD, twittered-out brains, the video for Keaton Hensen's "To Your Health" strips his music to the barest bones and matches his unassuming ballad with a perfectly gloomy and lovely imagined moment in time. Director William Williamson manages to tap into something so simple, yet so beautiful. A slow camera pans as a single ballerina performs her sad dance, while Keaton quietly plays behind her. Light streaming through the windows is the only sign of a world outside this strange fantasy. It's so heartfelt and honest, it'll have even the most cynical of you compelled. A perfect, creative, bare-bones delight.

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