Watch: James Franco and Kalup Linzy Make A Music Video
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29, 2011

    • Posted by: Gabby Green

    James Franco likes jobs. The performance and video artist Kalup Linzy and the Academy Award nominated actor and host, student, novelist, visual artist, Gucci model, and most recently, musician, have created a video for "Rising," a track off of their upcoming EP, Turn It Up. In this low-budget, psychedelic synthpop and R&B video, we cant say that Franco particularly stands out. In fact, the majority of his appearances feature him distorted and hazy behind the magnified Linzy. Franco just lip-synchs the words along, literally only contributing his face to the collaboration. The video mainly features dizzying illusions of Linzy in various costumes (the performer is typically seen in drag), singing over buoyant synths. We're still not sure what exactly Franco added in terms of the music, but like most things that he touches, the video is weird.

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