New Music Video: RJ Thompson
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29, 2011

    • Posted by: Gabby Green

    Newcastle, England's RJ Thompson has just released the music video accompanying the band's single, "When I Get Old." The video goes through the motions of Thompson's daily routine, invigorating the banal tasks with choppy, sped-up footage. The restlessness of the actions shown does not mirror the steady pop-rock melody of "When I Get Old" in order to present viewers with another dimension of the song. Although the majority of this video explores one's typical day, about halfway through the video Thompson ends up taking a wrong turn and winds up in a field with a donkey. This strange turn of events happens quickly, and instantly he is back in his office chair counting the days going by. In conjunction with a series of boring and repetitive activities, Thompson sings "When I get old I will look at these days as the days I truly loved/when I get old I will fend off my worries and fears of losing touch" as if to say that these rare moments of bizarre happenings in a day will be the times he remembers when he is old. As with the video, it is the soft whisper and clarity of Thompson's voice that isolate "When I Get Old" from the abundance of overrated alternative-rock songs that continue to be played and forgotten in just a few months time. With a new album being released in July, we are sure that RJ Thompson will stand out among the many competitors of his genre. the video...

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