Five Ways To Take Baeble On The Go
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Summer has landed, as evidenced by the sweaty temperatures and abundant lack-of-clothing walking around our melty city. As we contemplate cooking eggs on the sidewalk, a multitude of coastal escapes populate our daydreams; the beach, the lake, the docks, the gulf, the whatever. Wherever your dreamboat is, literally or figuratively, we wouldn't want you to be without a smorgasboard of video goodies such as Baeble, now would we? Here are five ways to keep Baeble in your pocket, no matter where you're hiding.

    1. The Baeblemusic App.

    The most comprehensive Baeble experience we've got for the mobile Baebler, complete with videos, editorial clips, and push notifications of new material, videos, and events. It's the complete package for your mobile music fix. Download it for the low, low price of free at the App store (optimized for the iPhone, works with iPad, Android version coming soon!).


    For the video junkies who just want their visual fix, you can skip our app and point your mobile browser to our Youtube channel. All of our videos are pumped into the channel with the important extra function of variable bit-rate streaming — for the most appropriate stream for your bandwidth, wherever you are.

    3. Flipboard.

    For the aesthetically pleasing magazine experience on the iPad, we've crawled through the available apps and decided Flipboard offers the best UI. It sucks in feeds (including Twitter feeds!) and arranges links, videos, quotes and pictures into a neat, easy to read and browse configuration. Follow @baeblemusic for a complete Baeble mag experience on your iPad.

    4. Our Podcast.

    Although already considered "old", the Podcast still exists and meshes on all your iDevices. Grab ours for a free single every week, fit to function on your iPod, iPhone, iWhatever.

    5. A really long extension cord.

    Don't forget the multitude of ways to just take our site on your lappie! 3G cards, buying the shows for your iTunes library, all kind of obvious but worth mentioning. Or you could just bring a really long extension cord?

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