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    • TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2010

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    We're picking up right where we left off last week, with part two of Minus the Bear's semi-secret show at the Bowery Electric last month. Mere hours before unveiling the lavish new sound of their fourth album Omni, Minus the Bear lead a late night parlay in the cramped and quartered basement of trendy, East Village haunt, The Bowery Electric. A room generally too small for the veteran Seattle outfit, the semi-secret affair (announced to the public earlier that afternoon) offered those who were quick on the draw an absurdly intimate opportunity to buddy up close to the group, and the underlying new soul of their latest collection of songs.

    With origins steeped in a recording process that favored playing together as much as possible, it's no wonder Omni is an album built for the live environment. Here songs like "My Time", "Secret Country", and "Summer Angel" wind and coil around exciting new rhythmic grooves and melodious synths and riffs...all while singer/guitarist Jake Snider leads the band to unexpected musical destinations.

    Minus the Bear have always had their eye on being just a bit brawnier than their peers. On this night that meant a tremendous 90 minute set of songs both old and new for all those that were lucky enough to gather before the band.

    Of course this means we have a monster of a show on our hands, and we'll be premiering the whole thing in two parts over the next several weeks. We figure this should give you all the time you need to indulge in one of the most impressive and unique rock bands currently running around the world. - David Pitz

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    Minus the Bear Plays The Bowery Electric

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