courtney love doesn't quite perform in dc
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2010

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    [Photo by Kyle Gustafson for the Washington Post]
    Courtney Love the once wife and possible murderer (according to this guy) of Kurt Cobain "performed" at the 9:30 Club in DC this weekend. Unfortunately, the "performance" involved almost nothing remotely resembling being worthy of the $45 ticket price, and caused some people to also contemplate open-mouthing a shotgun. Let's investigate!

    It's already been said Love is less rock and roll and more rock and wreck (as in train). Based on the loosely structured, three hour nightmare that was her Hole show, it's safe to say she's less misunderstood, and more on lots of drugs. From what I've read, not only did she frequently curse at the audience, she took ten minute breaks in between songs, and barely remembered lyrics once she got around to actually performing. Love showed up an hour late, and had a friend recording the whole thing on an iPhone. She played a new song, twice, and the second time was worst than the first. She basically got topless at the end. Two of her last fews original songs were "Car Crash" and "Awful". AM I TOUCHING SOMETHING?

    "Surprising" is not the optimal word for this concert. Courtney Love was almost banned from Twitter for being crazy, and her tirades on the platform may have inspired many others to utilize what is now known as the "Twitter Rant". Her music is notoriously awful. What did these people expect? A Dave Mathews Band concert? Her band is called "Hole". She looks like Ke$ha's mom on crystal meth. And Love is notoriously awful herself, her work and lifestyle being a reflection of her 15-minutes of marriage-fame being stretched out for decades after Cobain's death. People go these gigs, they pay money, and they expect to see a show. But smart people know the nature of the show. A Courtney Love show, full of joke material, ridiculous behavior, and actions unfitting for any normal member of society. So for all who complained about the untenable tunes, or Love's general abrasive attitude, I ask: isn't that what you paid for? Because if not, you didn't do your homework. Go to your room.

    Courtney Love has some music out but God help you if you're thinking about purchasing it. I'm not linking you to that sh*t. The end. -joe puglisi

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