Brandon Flowers' Biceps Are Huge in The Killers' 'The Man' Video
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 2017

    • Posted by: Caroline Bojarski

    The Killers' new video for "The Man" is like putting a dash of pure testosterone in your protein shake before hopping on your motorcycle and heading to the gym. Even though it was just released today, the video has already broken the record for Most Ostentatious Displays of Machismo Per Minute of Film, beating out all twenty-six Fast And Furious movies for the title. Let's take a look at Killers' lead singer Brandon Flowers' manly highlight reel from "The Man".

    Within the first few frames, we see Flowers, clad in the DIY mechanic's uniform of a white tank top, striding ruggedly towards the opened hood of a car. Real men fix their own cars. Then they effortlessly throw on a dapper suit and head to the casino, which is Brandon's next move... right after grilling a steak. The video doesn't go into detail, but you know he's eating that steak rare.

    The video co-stars Brandon Flowers' muscles. They glisten in the desert sun as he flexes outside of a mobile home and feature prominently as he does clapper push-ups in his dusty, Nevada living room.

    Just when you think he's slowing down, Brandon busts out a pair of shiny gold pants and a sequined jacket and works it on stage with a posse of dancers who appear to have escaped from Cirque du Soleil. Post-performance, he proceeds to throw back shots of liquor without flinching. No chaser.

    Between slowly realizing Brandon Flowers is hot and wondering if this video represents a lifetime of compensation for the last name 'Flowers', I waited for The Killers front-man to mansplain the wage gap to me. He didn't, but he did sing to his motorcycle helmet towards the song's finale. Watch the new video for "The Man", because you know you need more excessive masculinity in your life.... bruh.

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