The Darkness 'Everybody Have a Good Time' : The Greatest Achievement in Music Video History
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 2012

    • Posted by: Andrew Gruttadaro

    Yesterday, when I saw The Darkness' lead singer Justin Hawkins in their behind-the-scenes video for "Everybody Have a Good Time" say, "It's quite a clear message -- that we can live together with all species on this planet; not just respectfully but sexually," needless to say I was pretty razzed up to see the full video. Especially since this a band that's produced gems like this and this. Boy, I was not disappointed when the full video debuted today.

    The "Everybody Have a Good Time" video begins with a hilarious disclaimer and an even funnier scene at "Rock Hard Financial" where a bear stripper unexpectedly solves the financial crisis. Said bear is then enslaved by Rock Hard Financial until he's (or is it a she?) rescued by the boys of The Darkness -- I'm pretty sure one of the Hawkins brothers headbutts a woman. Then the video gets even freakier and maybe a little NSFW-ish when that aforementioned Hawkins quote comes to life.

    Check out the video below and make sure to watch it all the way through for some awesome end credits.

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