New Jersey's Finest Gets Televised: Gaslight on Letterman
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    Something besides Snooki has come out of New Jersey in recent years. And that something is The Gaslight Anthem. With a sound that some describe as New Jersey punk, this quartet has risen to fame since their debut Sink or Skin. With a heavy Bruce Springsteen influence on both The '59 Sound and American Slang albums The Gaslight Anthem has garnered themselves as patrons of the American sound.

    In support of their newest release Handwritten out on July 24th, the band played The David Letterman Show along with special guest Channing Tatum. They then played a full set later for a small audience. If the band felt any stage fright, you wouldn't know; they seemed perfectly at home on the iconic stage. Brian Fallon bantered with the audience like it was just another show, poking fun at the fun of being from New Jersey and in New York. The other band members threw pics and such to a very thankful audience. Although they had kind of stacked the deck as far as audiences go, so the reception wasn't entirely accurate. Having just formed a proper "fan club", the band invited it's first members along for the performance. As a result, some of the band's most devoted fans showed up decked out in their Gaslight gear. Really the show didn't feel like a televised event at all. People danced and sang and yelled "We Love You, Benny!" (that's the drummer) every chance they got.

    The band played a long set, including work from each album. Notable songs were "Backseat", "Old White Lincoln" and my favorite "Wooderson." The band even played a new song off their upcoming album. They really did sound like The Boss at times, a comparison which is often made, but not just because they come from the same state and both have a thing for white t-shirts. At the end of it all, the band left the stage with everyone chanting "Gaslight Anthem" after them. Then to their surprise, they we allowed back on the stage for an encore of The Who's "Baba O'Riley".

    (Image credit: Jeffrey Neira/CBS)

    Watch the entire performance here:

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