Stream: Duck Sauce
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2011

    • Posted by: Olivia Muenz

    Just when DJs finally stopped playing the world-conquering anthem "Barbra Streisand"... A-Track and Armand Van Helden, the duo comprising Duck Sauce, revealed their latest track "Big Bad Wolf" in their DJ sets at Coachella and Miami Masquerade. Fans of their first dance anthem hit Barbara Streisand will be pleased to hear a first play radio rip of the new track by Annie Mac. Between looped howls and growls, check it out below.

    This time around, A-Trak and Armen Van Helden steer their focus away from singing "ooo's" toward actual howling in their latest "Big Bad Wolf". Let's see if this have the same massive appeal as their last did, check it out now below.

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