what happened this weekend?
    • MONDAY, JUNE 28, 2010

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    Northside Festival took over Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Paul McCartney really IS dead says new, obviously rock solid evidence, and a popular international sensation played one of their first shows in America, much to the dismay of people who think music is still an art.

    Northside Festival 2010. We had our very own event at Brooklyn Bowl with Cantora Records, and it was a blast! Expect pictures and a recap as the day goes along. We'll have more pics and stories from the festival this week.

    A new documentary claims more evidence that the real Paul McCartney is dead.
    Conspiracy as old as time. Interview as hilarious as [insert laughter here]. Read it at This Is Fake DIY.

    Die Antwoord played the Creators Project in NYC. Along with MIA. This is pretty much my nightmare. How are these guys famous? Look at the pictures! [via Brooklyn Vegan]

    C'mon gang, let's put on our rocket packs and blast into a Fourth Of July weekend! I'm sure we can get through a couple of days without MIA making any headlines with her complaints, right? Right? Anyone?

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